Intent Data Services for B2B Companies B2B Companies

Research Analytics provides B2B companies the perfect opportunity to predict your buyer’s intentions by tapping into their pain points, priorities, and buying behavior. This is achievedby tracking their online behavior and classifying the information with the help of high-end AI and access to a huge database.

Finding your Buyer Directly

Intent data gives you the knowledge of who your prospects are and where to find them, even before they connect with your sales process. This helps you connect with them and pitch your services before someone else does and boosts your conversion rates.

Targeted Marketing Campaign

Early identification of prospective buyers implies greater scope for developing target-specific marketing campaigns and subsequent scoring of better leads that convert.

Head start in the Buying Process

You can know your prospects even before they have discovered you through our customized reports on buyer data of online activities that include an active search for services or products offered by you.

More personalized Marketing Campaigns

We guarantee prompt updates and alerts to aid your sales and marketing teams to score better leads with the help of our AI-based customized reports of intent data. You can leverage this data to design more personalized sales and marketing strategies to capture their attention.

Help in Prioritizing the Perfect Leads

Our intent data services can help you identify those accounts that need to be prioritized based on the spikes in their search for your business-related offerings. The greater the surge in their online content consumption about your business-specific solutions, the greater their prospect of conversion from a lead to a client.

Higher Revenue

Businesses rely on productive leads for better conversions and subsequent ROI. Our intent data service provides the most efficient way of lead generation which will lead to higher revenue.